The best laid plans so easily go awry. Fissures and spasms create a world of impossibilities. One can not take a train to an island or use the luggage rack as a sleeper cell.


Big brother comes in colours and pairs. Returning home on the bus, I witnessed a pair of volunteer patrolmen. They were in green. Like a lantern. It seems we've gone and divided our city into 'patrols'. There is the West End Biz patrol (the green ones), the Exchange Biz patrol (in yellow), and the Downtown Biz patrol (in red). It looks like a scene from Blackest Night out there, folks.

I don't think the North End has a patrol. They just have gangs.


When did I get so obsessed with the Olympics? I almost hooted with glee at the TV last night.

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Crystal said...

You...hooting? And with...glee?! <3