There are images swirling in my head; ideas needing flesh. But a roadblock sits there. Projects owed to other parties: Habitat For Humanity's Recreate art auction fundraiser; that fucking chipmunk; a prize for a wedding social. I'm sure there is another.

A roll of watercolour paper sits in my home studio. Four feet wide and thirty feet long. I've got some mad ideas.

Reading Jeffrey Brown's book Funny Mishapen Body reminds me of the lack of support comics received at NSCAD. Brown's feelings towards art and his disconnect ring true to my history and time at NSCAD. I saw a great deal of 'bullshit art' and a small proportion of great talent. That's why after college I ran from fine art and worked on zines; minicomics. But the market was small. Not much in terms of peers. Maybe that's why I am returned to fine art. I saw more potential to tell stories in a new manner.

Is it me, or are there more supports out there for new artists that were not around when I left college. BMO art prizes. New artist grants this and that.

Hmmm. A lost generation.

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